Our Mayor Tom Butt is leading our city in a bold, progressive new direction.

Meet Tom

TODAY, RICHMOND has the lowest unemployment rate on record and the second lowest homicide rate in decades. We’re building new housing again, home values are up, and foreclosures are down. We’re renovating and giving new life to the Hilltop Mall, revitalizing downtown, and this fall we’ll launch ferry service to San Francisco.

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We did it!

The results are in, and we have prevailed. While there are still ballots that remain to be counted, our margin of 15% is wide enough...

8 Things You Didn't Know About Our Mayor Tom Butt

Besides being our mayor and a progressive champion for Richmond (with a record to match), there are many interesting facts about Tom Butt that...

Tackling the Housing Crisis: It's a Moral Challenge We Must Address Together

Like many of our neighboring communities in the Bay Area, Richmond faces a major challenge in our lack of affordable housing.